Frequently Asked Questions​

We have built a proprietary system that takes hundreds of TA strategies and a algorithm that decides which signals to send at any point in time. The signals have to pass through many filters to validate the likelihood of their success before being sent to the bots. 

The signals will come in waves based on the conditions of the market. 

There is no reliance to TradingView in our systems. All our strategies are written in-house using similar technology to what is used the Forex markets. 

Unfortunately, if you hope that our signal provider, or any signal provider for that matter, is 100% successful and no risk, then we do not think you should be using an automated trading bot. 

We work to a 70% success rate, but this can and will vary with time. You need to create your own risk management strategy, whether that be HODL, DCA and/or stoploss, or any other strategy you are happy with. 

We only send buy signals. 

The reason for this is that every bot we support, has functionality for different sell strategies like take profit and some form of trailing. 

Due to the way our system works, we could have one strategy that fires a buy and another that fires a sell. We cannot guarantee that they will be aligned so using the sell strategies from your bot will be lower latency and more accurate. 

We aim to send a large number of signals. We respect other providers that say “quality not quantity” but our belief is no provider can be 100% correct. We like to turn around our trades as quickly as possible even if this means a lower profit and using a lower position size. This could be a few minutes to a few days, depending on the market. To maintain a return, we aim to send a lot of signals, with the awareness that there will be percentage whose position we will need a strategy for.

Your settings depends on your own risk appetite and the bot you are using. 

Our signals are continuously tested to provide a 1%+ profit (including fee’s) over a 24 hour period. This should allow you to set your sell strategies accordingly, such as take profit. 

We aim to have a 70% success rate. If anyone tells you that they provide 100% success or are “bagless”, you should think twice. 

This does mean you need to have a bag / position management strategy. We encourage either a stoploss or some form of dollar cost averaging. 

Our algorithm looks at minimum volume, but low volume coins can have signals sent for them. It is up to you if you would like override our minimum volume or price in your bot settings. 

Currently we support: 

Kucoin and Bittrex have far less signals due to the lack of volume on these exchange, so we reccomend that you purchase our signals for Binance or Huobi as your primary bot and Kucoin or Bittrex for secondary bots only. 

Currently we only support ProfitTrailerZignaly and CryptoHopper more are coming very soon. 


Please understand that our signals are not meant to be professional investment advice and must be used at your own risk. 

Cryptocurrency investment is high market risk. 

Awesome Signals is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the use of our trading signals. The signals should be used in combination with your own risk strategies and decisions. 

We reserve the right to change the monthly fee at any time without prior notice.

For our full Risk Disclaimer can be found here. 

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